CMP Ambassadors


Austin, TX

Alayna is 15 years old and has been dancing for the past 12 years. Her passion for dance is strictly Ballet. Alayna enjoys camping, origami, musical theater, her dogs, biking, and yoga. Her career aspiration is to become a professional ballerina with a major company.



Waxhaw, NC

Anneliese is 11 years old and has been training in gymnastics for the past five years. Her favorite apparatus is the Uneven Bars. Anneliese likes running, swimming, and playing outside with friends and her brother on her ninja course. She would like to be a gymnastics coach and gym owner someday. 



Boca Raton, FL

Arianna also known as Ari is a 12year old level 10 gymnast. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 1/2 years old. Ari says that " gymnastics helps her succeed in many aspects of her life". Her favorite event is floor because she loves to dance and express herself while doing her routine. Her other interests are painting, cooking and photography as well as taking care of her reptiles. She would like to get a full college scholarship for gymnastics, and to become a professional gymnastics coach someday.



Walnut Cove, NC

Arren is 10 years old, has been involved with gymnastics for the past six years, and is currently training at level 10. Her favorite skill is the floor exercise because it's where she can display her unique personality. Arren likes kayaking, going to the Lake, swimming, and working with her personal trainer. She wants to own a gym and coach gymnastics someday.



Houston, TX

Ava Grace s 10 years old and has been dancing and modeling for the past 8 years. She enjoys "super sassy" jazz dancing, arts and crafts, bike riding, baking, and creating TikTok videos. She wants to someday become a Pediatrician and professional dancer. Ava Grace is super bubbly and outgoing. She's never met a stranger and loves to make new friends everywhere her family travels.



Dallas, TX

Emersyn is nine years old and has been active in gymnastics and modeling for the past three years. Her favorite skills are bars and beam. She loves photography and working on her modeling skills. When not at the gym she is always reading. Her career aspiration is to become a Veterinarian during the day and a gymnastics coach at night. 



Boca Raton, FL

Hally is nine years old and started dancing at the age of two. When she was five she discovered a love for Gymnastics and has been training for the past three years. Hally loves bars and floor and in dance her favorite styles are Ballroom and Lyrical.

Her other interests include modeling, singing, playing the ukulele and the piano, sketching and painting. Hally loves going to school and her favorite subjects are reading and math. She also loves going to the beach. When Hally's grows up she would love to continue her career in Gymnastics and study sport medicine.




Dallas, TX

Kelsey is 12 years old and has been dancing for nine years. She enjoys dancing and modeling. Her favorite style of dance is Lyrical/Contemporary. Kelsey's interests include reading, school, animals, and hanging out with friends. She aspires to become a professional dancer, dance on Broadway, and own her own studio someday. Kelsey says she really cherishes the fact she was the first Clay Morgan Photography Ambassador. 




Houston, TX

Logan is seven years old and has been an All Star Cheerleader since she was three years old. She is a Flyer but loves tumbling and learning new stunts. Logan enjoys modeling and any opportunity to be in front of the camera. She is a member of the running club at school and likes skating, swimming, playing with friends and her American Girl dolls, and making TikTok videos. Logan wants to be a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse when she grows up. 



Tucson, AZ

Peighton is 11 years old and has been dancing for the past five years. Her favorite style of dance is Tap. She enjoys riding her bike and hanging out with her sisters and friends. Someday Peighton would like to be a "Lancer" - a dancing lawyer.



Sumter, SC

PK is 9 years old years old and has been dancing for six years and training in gymnastics for almost three years. Outside the gym and studio she enjoys doing crafts, baking, and coloring. Someday PK would like to attend LSU and join their gymnastics team. 



Dallas, TX

Rilyn is nine years old and has been dancing and modeling for the last four years. Contemporary and Lyrical are her current favorite dance styles but she loves all styles and everything about dance. Rilyn enjoys singing, photography, and putting on a show for people. She would like to be an author and take her own photos for her books. Rilyn hopes to someday dance on Broadway.



Charlotte, NC

Sabrina is nine years old and has been active in gymnastics for the past four years. Her favorite apparatuses are Bars and Floor. She loves baking, reading, drawing, and making TikTok videos. Sabrina is the founder of @thebackpackbuddies, a charitable group that works with local organizations to help the less fortunate. She wants to become a gymnastics coach someday.


Shreveport, LA

Tessa is 7 years old and is heading into her 6th year of dance, 2nd year on the competition team, and has been modeling/brand repping since she was 1. She is currently taking jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop at her studio. She also loves to tumble, sing, swim, act and do pageants. Her favorite subject in school is science and she absolutely loves to read. She’s also completely obsessed with all things Harry Potter and The Flash and will glad discuss them with anyone! This happy and super outgoing girl wants to be a triple threat performer when she grows up!


Jacksonville, FL

Zoe is nine years old, has been dancing for four years, and has been on the competition team the past two years. She is currently on the Junior Elite team at her studio. Her favorite dance styles are Lyrical and Contemporary. Zoe likes to go horseback riding and to the beach. She loves animals, especially horses, dogs, and dolphins. Her career aspiration is to become a dance teacher someday.